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Multimodal operations, integrating Maritime canal, road and storage according to the needs and realities of each project.

We operate on management and execution of all port operations stages, integrating a number of modals, by road and by sea.
With expertise and experience, our organizational skills ensure high performance results to our costumers.
In addition to providing integrated logistics solutions, we can count with complete structure, according to properties of each product.
Logistics planning to boarding and alighting, unloading, storage and transportation.
• To attending to the needs, we provide specialized staff;
• Equipments to performance of the service.


of cargo

The right solution for the right project!

The established pillars in our warehousing solutions are security guarantee, organization and products assistance.
Through this scenario, we receive, store, move, separate and distribute your products correctly to its final destination.
Our services add complementary values to our transactions, allowing to store properly each type of product.
• Strategic location: 49 miles from the port (São Sebastião )
• Truck weight scale



The Transcopa counts on high performance machines, with appropriate locations and your business needs. We provide technical support during the usage, ensuring tranquility and efficiency to our costumers, planning all technical body to installation and withdrawal of equipments.

Cranes • 55 - 60 - 75 - 220 tons
Board • Hidro 4 axes 32 tires
• Lowered 2 axes
• Straight 3 axes e 4 axes
Lighting Towers • Xuxa 4.000 watts
Generators • 1x115ka / 1x250 kva
Platforms • Lift - 16, 20 e 26 meters
• Hydraulic Dumper (vehicle)
Forklift - Hidraulix Capacity 7,0 tons / 4,00 tons



Moving solutions for your business!

Expert in Cargo Handling process, we engineer a special implementation plan, with qualified professionals and high performance machines to meet your company demand.
Analysis in detail of each process, in order to reach the final objective with excellence.

Crane •Road and articulated • 55 - 60 - 75 - 220 tons
and more... • Hydraulic - Capacity - 7,0 tons / 4,00 tons



The best route for the best result!

Completed operations for road freight transport services, in order to attending to the needs of each costumer.

Efficiency, safety and convenience are the Transcopa differentials , in compromise partnerships.

general cargo
dangerous (chemical)
special (surplus)

• Faster Processes; • Vehicles with GPS transmitters with full insurance until the delivery; • Licenses and Certifications; • Own fleet, for better results for the operations.


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